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Perfection in every product

By relying on precisely configured valve technology, you can achieve the exact quality characteristics you want for every liquid product. GEA VARIVENT® stands out as a genuine pioneer, setting the benchmark for hygienic valve technology in numerous respects. For one, it offers an unparalleled range of configurable valve types – from classic single-seat and mixproof valves for shut-off, merging and distribution in valve clusters and other locations to control valves, sample valves and pressure-regulating valves for any application. In addition, thanks to the wide-ranging options, every GEA VARIVENT® valve configuration enables near-limitless customization to fulfil the specific hygiene, performance and load requirements of each individual customer. Add-on components with precisely coordinated mechanical properties, dimensions and flow paths allow GEA VARIVENT® valve units to function efficiently under the full range of pressure and temperature conditions. You can choose from sealing concepts proven over decades, as well as a wide range of suitable materials in order to fulfill your process requirements. Our valves adapt to your process and your product – and not the other way around.

Safety in every process step

Whether you plan for one process step or several, for long-term service or frequent process changes, GEA VARIVENT® is every bit as flexible as you are. Our engineers’ peerless experience, combined with the huge installed base of valve units in the global markets, offers the best possible assurance of safe function and absolute reliability.

Our valves feature a 100% drainable design, which prevents process-critical contamination. They enable efficient CIP/SIP options to ensure the hygienic integrity of your process and products. Globally recognized hygienic safety certifications are available for all valve configurations. Our advanced manufacturing processes also guarantee that each valve unit is sufficiently robust to protect your products and processes.

Digital strength for your progress

It is crucial that valve technology operates at peak efficiency every single day – and GEA VARIVENT® valve units ensure that with leading solutions, while also promoting process digitalization and automation. The key is the current range of GEA control tops, compatible with all GEA VARIVENT® valve configurations.

Each control top enables intelligent valve control for easy commissioning and maximum safety in process sequences. Detectable valve positions make a decisive contribution to optimal system operation. All standard connection types and control systems are available for technical communication within the system. Thanks to advanced IO-Link system control, you can ensure your PLC can be digitally integrated into the Industry 4.0 environments of tomorrow – today.

Sustainability becomes uncompromising

Whether valuable raw materials, process water from the natural water cycle or the energy consumption in your system: GEA VARIVENT® provides you with hygienic valve technology for the sustainable use of resources without compromise and without impairing product quality or economical operation. This is ensured by the almost unlimited variety of mechanical adjustment options: Tailor-made valve solutions with perfectly tuned switching cycles ensure lowest possible product losses and minimum water and cleaning media consumption across all processing steps. For even greater product yield and water savings, GEA VARICOVER® product recovery systems based on GEA VARIVENT® valve technology can be used. For ecologically optimized energy consumption and raw materials management GEA VARIVENT® valve units are equipped with the latest generation of digital control tops, offering a similarly wide range of improvements in process operation.

Every task meets the perfect solution

Whether you are planning a new system, modifying your existing process line or want to expand the existing setup: Over a million combination and furnishing options in the modular GEA VARIVENT® valve system ensure perfect adaptation to any conceivable challenge. The full range of configurable valve types, sizes and connection diameters covers a wide variety of applications, capacities and system environments – also in PMO-compliant designs for the US market. Numerous options for actuator type and variant, rest position, sealing materials, surface quality and pipe connections can be freely combined to suit your process; later changes or extensions are possible in many cases. What all modules have in common is the consistent, hygienic sealing concept and the highly robust construction for which GEA VARIVENT® has always been known. On top of this, a large number of automatic valve control options via the digital control tops leaves nothing to be desired.

You can rely on premium quality

Every GEA VARIVENT® valve unit and every component built into it goes through countless production steps until completion. Without exception, every single part must meet the strictest standards in terms of quality and function. We ensure full compliance with these standards in our own production facility in Buechen/Germany in order to guarantee every GEA VARIVENT® user lasting benefits and maximum operational safety over the entire plant service life. In addition to the exact dimensions of the individual components and the optimal material properties for problem-free use at all times, the hygienic safety of all surfaces that come into contact with the product is a decisive plus point with every application of our valve units. This ensures perfect cleaning of the valve chamber and the integrity of the manufactured product. Every valve component that leaves our company and every part built into it has been carefully checked to ensure that all of our requirements are met – as the name GEA VARIVENT® demands.

Safety means opportunity

Next Level Safety

The new GEA VARIVENT® Mixproof valve type MX offers innovative technologies as essential elements of future-oriented safety concepts.
Reducing food waste and wastewater


As the world is changing, resources for food production are becoming scarcer and more expensive – from raw plant crops und quality animal products to energy and labor. This has driven global efforts to reduce food waste. Freshwater needs special protection as a valuable and limited resource, as evidenced by droughts and controversies over water rights. Pigging of product pipelines, a proven method in liquid processing, minimizes product loss and saves water during pipe cleaning, allowing manufacturers to produce more sustainably.
Hygienic valve technology for the safe, flexible and economical production of plant-based beverages

Safe, flexible and economical production of plant-based beverages

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State-of-the-art valve technology is the key to ensuring fast system implementation, flexible process design and hygienically safe beverage products.
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