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Flavored Alcoholic Beverages

Thanks to interesting flavor combinations and a low alcohol content, beer mixes are very popular and widely accepted particularly among young consumers. The new beer creations can be produced from all types of beer. They are made of beer mixed with lemonade, fruit juices, soft drinks or other additives in any proportion. Besides the well-known mixtures, additional fruity notes also provide a completely new taste experience.

Beer Mix Beverage Solutions

The base material for mixed beverages or so-called FAB (flavored alcoholic beverages) is a decolored and purified water-alcohol mixture received from a fermented alcohol base. Undesirable components, such as unfermented sugar, salts and long-chain color and aroma components are separated by cross-flow filtration or separation resulting in a clear, neutral base.

Advantages at a glance

GEA uses modern technology enabling the flexible and efficient production of high-quality beer mixes. The combination of proven and well-engineered process steps, a sophisticated tailored control system and precision measuring instruments ensures a consistently high quality. Our customized plant concepts are individually tailored to the needs of our customers and the space available on site.

The brewery benefits from full automation of the core processes of dosing and mixing, high mixing accuracy, minimum product loss.

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