Efficient Product and Process Cooling on Offshore Platforms

Limited space, extreme weather conditions and huge cost pressures are just a few of the challenges that are faced by offshore oil and gas drilling rigs and production platforms. These challenges are combined with the requirement to maximize safety and implement environmentally sustainable technologies. As a world-leading manufacturer of refrigeration and air-conditioning compressors, GEA has extensive know-how and experience in the oil and gas sector, and can offer state-of-the art technologies refrigeration and frost applications on offshore facilities. Our energy-saving, high-quality compressors are extremely robust, maintenance friendly, and ATEX certified for use in explosion-risk zones.

Corrosion protection and resilience for applications on the high seas

GEA offers semi-hermetic compressors that are designed specifically for offshore applications. This technology also feature corrosion-resistant multiple-layer coating and a special corrosion-resistant terminal box, to offer optimum protection against spray and corrosive atmospheres containing salt. The robust design also features a stable valve plate system and sound oil supply, together with a space-saving design that is ideal for the limited space available on offshore installations.

Reducing energy consumption and costs

GEA has responded to increasing demands for energy-efficient systems by developing innovative compressor technology with improved gas flow, which can significantly reduce energy consumption and thus operating costs. The option of a frequency converter for changing the speed provides additional opportunities to reduce energy use and costs.   

Freezing and explosion-risk environments

Some challenges require special technologies, and GEA offers ATEX-certified versions of its tried-and-tested semi-hermetic compressors for use in explosion risk areas and environments exposed to freezing. These ATEX compressors are equipped with specifically designed, explosion-protective components.

  • GEA compressors reliably comply with the offshore requirements of the oil and gas industry
  • Corrosion-resistant materials for strong resilience
  • Low space requirement
  • Utilization of maximum efficiency potential: improved gas flow and capacity regulator reduce energy consumption
  • ATEX compressors for demanding refrigeration processes