Treatment of Lube Oil and Hydraulic Oil

Continuous treatment of lube and hydraulic oil is recommended to remove contaminants, such as water and particles of dirt or metal, which could cause corrosion, blockages and system malfunctions. GEA separators are perfect for this continuous treatment process, and can remove metal particles down to 1 μm.

Permanently smooth operation

Lube & Hydraulic Oil _Paper Industry

GEA separators allow the oil to be cleaned more efficiently and quickly than is possible with a conventional sedimentation tank. Using our centrifugal separation technology in the bypass to the circulation system can ensure that your engine receives purified oil for smooth engine operation. As well as removing metal particles that are no bigger than a bacterium our separators can separate organic particles as small as 5 μm. The treated oil has a water content of less than 0.1 percent by volume: effectively our separators ensure that more than 99.9 percent by volume of your hydraulic or lubricating oils are pure oil.

With cleaner oils and longer time intervals between oil changes, industry and agriculture benefit from a longer service life of components such as bearings, along with reduced machine down time and lower oil purchasing and disposal costs.