Equipment and Systems for the Treatment of Industrial Fluids

A number of diverse industries, including the chemicals and pharmaceuticals sectors, process inorganic and organic fluids. Many of these fluids, such as solvents, have inherent value, and others contain valuable substances such as minerals, chemical compounds, or nutrients such as proteins.

industrial fluids mash up

Ideally, industry aims to increase the service life of these fluids, which not only reduces waste, costs and the use of resources, but can also increase the life of the equipment that they come into operating contact with.

GEA’s expertise and wide-ranging technology portfolios in the areas of evaporation, distillation, membrane filtration and centrifugal separation, mean that we can offer tailor-made equipment for treating industrial fluids, including additional upstream or downstream processing steps. Our plants achieve optimum results for water quality and for the recovery of valuable substances.  

GEA further supplies equipment such as jet and vacuum pumps for conveying liquids such as water, oil, acids or alkalis, as well as solids such as sand, gravel, salt, activated carbon, and ion exchange resin, for the treatment of industrial fluids.