A Pleasant Journey on the Tracks

Whether in regional trains, high speed trains, long distance trains, commuter trains or trams - GEA compressors form the heart of several air conditioning systems specifically used on tracks. Rail drivers, passengers, livestock and cargo have to be provided with a controlled air temperature and flow.

Vehicle and semi-hermetic compressors for electric and diesel rolling stock

Train Station

A constant temperature of about 22°C needs to be maintained in the interior of rail vehicles, whatever the temperature is outside. GEA’s open-type FK range of vehicle compressors, and its gas-cooled semi-hermetic HG compressors are ideally suited for air conditioning in rail transport. They can be used in electric multiple units (EMU), and diesel multiple units (DMU), which are powered by electricity or diesel, respectively. 

All GEA compressors are designed to the highest quality standards and built to ensure reliability and efficiency. They feature smooth, silent operation, and are easy to maintain. Our semi-hermetic compressors are a standard in the field of rail air conditioning, for trains of any type, and for trams. Our vehicle compressors can represent a customized solution for smaller trains and engines/locomotives.

Video about the vehicle FK40 compressor for rail air conditioning