Understanding and Controlling Your Process

Control and automation is a vital part of processing. GEA has decades of experience in this field and offers a wide selection of automation services ranging from instrumentation to complete automation solutions.

Optimization of Production Processes

Our focus on crucial factors such as product efficiency, flexibility and traceability enable us to provide cost-efficient, scalable solutions that optimize production processes. Attention paid to maintenance and plant performance during all phases of a project —from initial design development to installation and future expansion — ensures reliable, smooth-running operations that are always compliant with industry norms and standards.

Automation and Control

Advanced PLC-based automation provides seamless integration of process and CIP control functions. Options include a graphical MMI operator interface, online monitoring and trending, recipe handling, batch management, barcoding and full CIM integration. Industry standard communications ensure full compatibility with existing control strategies, networks and plant-wide supervisory systems. 

Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

Built-in into the control system, GEA has integrated its process knowledge to help operators monitor and control the process. For several process steps, end-points based on process parameters are available, and guidelines are given depending on the set-points entered. In addition, GEA has experience with integrating innovative analytical tools for process monitoring and control.