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In biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, the cell rupture process plays a critical stage. Although some substances are produced by cells or released by autolysis, the preparation of many others – including vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics and enzymatic preparations – require cell breakage to release the intracellular or subcellular material.

High Pressure Homogenization

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High-pressure homogenization is widely used in cell rupture applications to extract intracellular compounds without using solvents or other chemicals to break the cell wall. Being very effective and efficient, the homogenizers can often maximise the yield from valuable source material while keeping product quality at a very high level. GEA homogenizers are fitted with specifically designed high efficiency valves for optimized cell disruption in a single pass at the lowest possible pressure; designed in compliance with FDA and cGMP guidelines, they come with a full documentation package including materials certification (FDA-approved gaskets and 3A certification) and traceability, FAT/SAT procedures and IQ/OQ support.