GEA and the Pharmaceutical Industry

GEA is a leading provider of process technology and packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology and nutraceutical industries. Our portfolio includes single units, modular systems and complete production lines for powder processing, oral solid dosage forms, parenterals, sterile liquids and semi-solids.

GEA is a global specialist in solid and liquid dose technology for the pharmaceutical industry. We provide the services that the pharmaceutical industry needs: test facilities, technical know-how, process evaluation, product development, market-leading technology, project management and ongoing support.

Experts in tablet compression, coating, continuous manufacturing and containment, we offer the largest variety of process technologies and boast an unrivalled history of identifying the most appropriate solution for your specific application.

Our activities include partnering with customers to develop new products and enhance clinical effectiveness, the supply of R&D-scale and standalone production-scale equipment, and the installation of complete integrated process lines. GEA has built a reputation for matching inspiration with technology, but it’s our experience and knowing how to bring these technologies together in a creative way to meet your needs that really matters.

GEA combines trusted technology with a continual programme of innovation aimed at maintaining price/performance leadership for its pharmaceutical manufacturing customers. The GEA scope of supply is recognised worldwide through its well established and globally known brands for batch and continuous granulation, drying, pelletizing and coating; for contained materials handling; for tablet compression; for pharmaceutical freeze drying and automated vial handling systems; for fermentation and liquid formulation; for separation, homogenization and cell disruption.

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Get Further, Faster with GEA's Pharma Technology Excellence

Committed to advancing our customers’ research and development activities, GEA’s pharmaceutical technology test centers in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the UK, the USA, Singapore, China and South Korea provide global technical support and know-how to the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharma test center

These centers of excellence give you access to a full range of test facilities and teams of experts, all of whom work closely with our customers to optimize processes and evaluate their products, enabling them to achieve their process and production goals in a cost-effective way.

At our technology centers, you, the customer, can test both new and established products in a wide range of unit operations, from lab- to pilot-scale, or perform comparative process studies with our skilled operators by assessing complete process trains.

In addition, you can rely on a permanent staff of experienced engineers, technicians and industrial pharmacists who can assist you with any production problems, new developments and the modification of GEA technology to meet your needs. Our personnel remain constantly up to date with the most recent developments in the industry to be able to provide you with the best assistance possible.