Keeping Cool on the High Seas

The use of modern air conditioning systems is a must on the high seas, to keep the climate pleasant, to provide an optimum working temperature for the crew, and to keep provisions in tip top condition on large passenger liners.

Keeping cool heads on the high seas

Air Conditioning on Cruise Ships

GEA Compressors are ideal for crew cabin air conditioning on ships such as fish trawlers, navy ships, tankers, tug boats, supply ships and drill ships. Our GEA Bock F16 compressor is responsible for climate control on one of the largest ships of the Royal Danish Navy, the 6,000 ton HDMS Absalo. A GEA Bock HG7 compressor similarly creates a comfortable climate for the 200-strong crew on board Pacific Drilling’s 228 meter-long drill ship, the Pacific Scirocco. GEA commercial compressors also underpin the cooling of provisions on large liners, such as the 630-cabin AIDAaura.