Frosty Homes for Penguins and Polar Bears.

Children and adults love to go to zoos and animal gardens. Zoos can serve important functions in the breeding and research of rare animals. GEA plays a role in the continued wellbeing of zoo animals, through the provision of effective refrigeration technology, at sites such as Océanopolis, in France.

Ice machines for zoos and theme parks

The adventure world at Océanopolis includes exhibition areas for tropical, moderate, and polar seas. GEA’s flake-ice machines are in operation in the polar environment, where they produce up to 3.5 tons of ice daily. Ice produced by the two units is held in an ice storage area, with a capacity of 4 tons, which serves as a buffer between the production of ice and its use in the penguin’s arena.

A GEA pneumatic conveyor system transports the ice from the buffer to the penguins through a 40 meter long pipe. This transfer enhances ice quality even further, as during transport the ice flakes rub against each other and break into smaller pieces. Once the ice arrives at the penguin’s enclosure, it is fine enough for the penguins to walk on comfortably.