Making leisure & sport cool

The leisure & sport industries offer a wonderland of activities for people to enjoy their free time. GEA has extended the range of possibilities by bringing snow to the desert and creating Arctic conditions for polar bears and penguins in zoos.

Pioneering Technology

We pioneered the use of the natural refrigerant ammonia for ice rinks and have since extended this to bobsled tracks. GEA’s freezing technology provides snow for indoor ski slopes, including the world’s biggest indoor ski resort in Dubai.

Our all-weather snow cannons enable ski centers to extend their seasons, supplying realistic and long-lasting snowfalls regardless of temperature or relative humidity. The snow they make lasts a long time and provides a perfect surface, even for professional athletes.

GEA’s expertise extends to supporting implementation of projects, initial start-up and maintenance. Customers can be assured that all GEA refrigeration technology is advanced, reliable and energy-saving.