Process Solutions for Shampoos & Conditioners

Shampoos are widely used hair care products, generally comprising a mixture of cleaning and conditioning agents, surfactants and other ingredients such as fragrances and colors in an aqueous base, that are used to wash, protect and remove unwanted dirt and pollutants from the hair. A mild detergent, medicated and specific application-based varieties are available, although most commercially available products claim to enhance the look, feel and condition of the hair.

Mixing with Aeration

The following list classifies the materials of shampoo formulation. The subdivisions are not, however, mutually exclusive; for example, viscosity modifiers can sometimes be used to stabilize or boost the foam and some opacifying agents can also improve foam quality. Likewise, amphoteric wetting agents can be used as the main detergent for specialist shampoos; they are also valued as hair conditioning agents. 

  • main detergents
  • foam boosters and stabilizers
  • opacifiers
  • hydrotropes
  • viscosity modifiers, including hydrocolloids and electrolytes
  • special additives for hair condition
  • special additives for scalp health, including anti-dandruff additives
  • sequestering agents. 

In addition to basic shampoos that simply clean the hair, there are products designed for specific hair types: “2-in-1” shampoos and conditioners; treatments for dandruff or UV protection; some degree of coloring (although most hair colorants are based on conditioners rather than shampoos); and “medicated” products.

GEA’s design capability and experience, coupled with our innovative approach to process plant design, means that many of the challenges involved in shampoo production can be overcome. We supply state-of-the-art plant that ensures hygienic operability, gentle product handling and future-proof manufacturing lines for personal care applications.

GEA provides unique and proven technologies that ensure customer requirements are met and exceeded. Our process solutions have been developed over a number of years and our ability to incorporate high shear inline mixers with proprietary vessel mixer design optimizes the rapid blending of liquids of widely differing viscosities, the hydration and dispersal of thickening and stabilizing agents and the emulsification of silicone oils, etc., providing a completely aeration-free solution to your shampoo application.