Product Recovery: Personal Care

GEA recovery systems can help personal care customers to recover 99% of valuable products during batch changeover. They have become an indispensable part of modern process lines as a way to minimize both product loss and the cost of wastewater disposal.

Whether the ultimate aim is to comply with strict hygienic design criteria or to get as much product out of the system as possible, cleaning process lines is always an issue. Help is at hand, however, as the answer to both cleaning and maximum output is a product recovery system

Fully compatible with various CIP/SIP systems, GEA’s product recovery solutions are suitable for any application in which valuable, viscous products can be pushed out of pipes using another medium without intermixing. As a result, effective product recovery increases yield, reduces emissions and aids effective cleaning.

With such a system, you recover the valuable finished product from the process lines, which also substantially reduces the consumption of push-out effluents. The system is available as fully automated, semi-automated or manual, depending on the product and the customer’s requirements. Advantages of using product recovery systems include

  • reduced product loss
  • reduced production down times
  • reduced consumption of water for rinsing and push out
  • reduced effluent disposal costs
  • reduced consumption of CIP material.

With a range of product applications, from shampoos and lotions to creams and toothpaste, GEA’s VARICOVER® system can be implemented for use between reception, pre-mix and mixing/process tanks, and between treatment lines, storage tanks and filler lines, etc., optimizing the economic efficiency of your production plant.