GEA and You: The Perfect Mix for Personal Care Products

Mixing is one of the most demanding unit operations in today’s hygienic process industries. GEA offers a comprehensive range of advanced processing solutions that guarantee efficient and successful mixing and a high quality end-product.

Application-Specific Technologies

Choosing the right mixing technology is crucial; it’s not only a significant processing criterion — ensuring the production of a homogenous final product that’s free from ‘fish eyes’ and lumps in the shortest possible time — but also significantly affects the batch cycle time and the total cost of ownership. With many years of experience and a legacy of innovation, GEA is a world-leading supplier of mixing and blending solutions.

Our mixing technologies are the absolute heart and soul of our personal care production lines. Versatile, hygienic and also suitable for multi-purpose manufacturing, GEA offers four different mixing solutions

  • high shear batch mixing
  • continuous in-line blending
  • continuous in-line mixing
  • modular and bespoke processing solutions.

Product mixing can be done with either a conventional batch mixer or a continuous mixing/blending system. Although traditional batch processes are better suited to process lines with lower throughputs, those involving frequent product changes or that have to be prepared using ingredients delivered in small containers (bags, bottles, etc.) may benefit from a combination of batch mixing and continuous blending.

GEA also offers a wide range of hygienic liquid handling solutions for use in personal care production plants, from components to equipment and complete process lines.   

Our customers know that GEA’s mixing technologies represent a ‘best in class’ solution that completely fulfils the specific requirements of today’s manufacturers. So, whatever your process, industry or end-product, no matter what level of hygiene is required, GEA has the perfect blend of product, technology and expertise to meet your mixing needs.