Hygienic Handling of Liquid Personal Care Products

GEA offers a wide range of liquid handling solutions for use in personal care production plants, from components to equipment and complete process lines.

As the requirement for personal care products to meet and sustain physical, chemical and microbiological requirements continues to increase, so does the demand for hygiene, reliability and flexibility. Every component of a GEA personal care processing line is designed to meet the strictest hygiene standards, ensuring safe operation, repeatable security of outcome and reliable product quality. 

As well as being hygienic, today’s processing equipment needs to be utterly trustworthy, adaptable to changing market demands, and provide a secure platform for innovation that allows customers to develop new products and bring them to market securely and quickly. Beyond complying with current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs), GEA is known as an innovator, a company that leads the market by driving the standards to which others aspire.

With more than 30 years of hygienic and aseptic process design experience, GEA ensures that all requirements for obtaining a microbiologically safe and high quality consumer product are met. As such, our process equipment is certified by the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG).

Process Equipment

Pumps: GEA offers a range of pumps, including centrifugal, self-priming and rotary piston versions. The technology has been designed specifically to keep flow paths free from dead corners, convey product evenly and gently, ensure high product quality, and use the minimum of energy, water and raw materials. 

Valves: Core components in all piped process plants, GEA’s range of valves has an enviable reputation for reliability, efficiency, easy maintenance and low life cycle cost. By using its experience, process knowledge and group know-how to integrate these best of breed technologies at the design stage or as retrofit components, GEA is able to build and maintain world-beating plants for its customers.

In-line Process Connections: Offering a variety of dead-leg free process components, matrix piping that converts plant equipment into closed systems, control instruments and sensors to maintain production process transparency, CIP/SIP systems and GEA’s VARINLINE® in-line control and measurement technology, we can provide a comprehensive range of advanced processing components that can be readily combined with our standardised processing modules. 

Tank Safety Systems: The safe, hygienic and effective cleaning of process tanks, and protecting them from excessive pressure and/or vacuum, is of paramount importance in the HPC industry. GEA offers a modular solution, based on standardised components, that ensures optimum plant availability and product quality, and reproducible cleaning. The VARITOP® Tank Safety System can be configured to match specific process parameters, cleaning methods and CIP/gas management requirements to ensure the safety and hygiene of process tanks of any size and shape.

Expansion Compensators: In large, rigid-piped valve matrices, uncontrolled heat expansion can cause pipes and valve housings to deform and impair the production process. Especially suitable for valve matrices and fixed process pipe systems, GEA’s VARICOMP® Expansion Compensators can be used to overcome thermal stress and prevent downtime. VARICOMP® benefits from a compact and pocket-free design, is CIP/SIP-compatible and is ideally suited to hygienic and aseptic process operations.