Experts in Homogenization

GEA is the leading supplier of dynamic, high-pressure homogenizers for reducing particles in fluids to the smallest size possible, even down to the nano level. This process creates a stable emulsion, improving product shelf life and performance.

We continually invest in research, filing several new patents every year to develop tomorrow’s solutions today.

Homogenization Solutions for Cosmetic Applications

Moisturisers and other beauty creams need to have the right texture and consistency for the skin to be able to absorb them. 

Micronization by means of high pressure homogenization is used in the cosmetic industry to obtain an homogeneous and stable product emulsion, with better active ingredients dispersion than possible with conventional stirrers, rotor-stator devices or colloid mills.

High pressure homogenization can effectively reduce the formulation particle size and improve the functionality of active principles, resulting in uniform dimensional distribution, stable cosmetic products with a longer shelf-life and better active ingredient dispersion; that is, a better quality product that can be easily and more effectively absorbed by the skin. As well as beauty creams, homogenizers can be used in the manufacture of perfumes, nail varnish, shampoo and liquid soaps.

GEA homogenizers can effectively reduce particle dimensions down to the nanometer range with a homogenous dimensional distribution that is not achievable with other traditional technologies used in the cosmetic industry, forcing the product through a special homogenizing valve using high pressure energy through fluid-dynamic effects like shear, turbulence, cavitation, acceleration and impact. 

In particular, high pressure homogenization is able to give a product greater energy and distribute that energy in an efficient way, whatever the product viscosity. Furthermore, with GEA technology, it’s possible to vary the energy according to the homogenization effect required in the final product.

For applications including nail varnishes and oil-in-water emulsions such as foundations, GEA’s technology expertise also covers homogenization by deagglomeration and/or emulsification and milling.

Homogenization of Semi-Solid Personal Care Products

The stabilisation of semi-solid personal care products, such as emulsions containing different oils, is often required for hair care, skincare and body care applications. Droplet micronization and dispersion can be used to eliminate water phase separation, improve perfume distribution and ensure homogenous coloring.

Homogenizers and High Pressure Pumps

Even with limited sample volumes, GEA’s laboratory scale and pilot-scale homogenizers operate at pressures of 0–1500 bar and achieve the same results as larger machines. Offering excellent scalability, they are ideal for the treatment of nanoparticles, nanodispersions, nanoemulsions and cell disruption

For industrial-scale applications, GEA recommends the Ariete Series and the One Series. Offering state-of-the-art technology, the Ariete Series combines high-pressure reliability (up to 1500 bar) with customizable solutions. Each homogenizer and pump is designed to comply with EU safety standards and have been engineered, manufactured and tested according to the EN ISO 9001:2008 quality system.