Fragrances and Perfume

The global fragrance market is blooming! Exotic, floral perfumes, celebrity endorsed scents and increasing demand for youth-oriented products — despite an ageing population — are driving this rapidly expanding sector. With personal appearance and grooming playing a more important role amongst both men and women, the market value is predicted to reach a value of almost $50 billion in the next 5 years.

Mixing and Blending Expertise

Many previously under-penetrated markets in emerging geographies are potential sources of growth. Higher levels of disposable income, consumer urbanization and greater product awareness are expected to propel the perfume business into a mainstream contributor to the worldwide cosmetics and personal care industry.

Plus, with innovative product launches and the requirement for long-lasting fragrances — particularly in fabric care — acting as an industry driver, technological developments are also key to the market’s progression, resulting in the need for complex encapsulation processes that, at the same time, maintain the full range of fragrance notes.

Long-lasting fragrances — on skin or fabrics — can be achieved using encapsulation technologies. Encapsulation is achieved by encasing microscopic fragrance droplets in a natural or synthetic polymer shell, enabling the fragrance to be released in a controlled way during long periods of time. GEA has the expertise to provide effective mixing processes that meet stringent client requirements in fragrance encapsulation production. 

Process Solutions

GEA, an experienced and progressive engineering company, offers manufacturing solutions in the form of complete process plants, lines, components and modules for liquid processing, including, for instance, membrane filtration and mixing systems. With a long history of fragrance mixing expertise, as well as the precise handling, measuring and storage of the chemicals used, we are able to design and supply processing equipment that complies with ATEX requirements.