Creams and Lotions

GEA supplies processing plants for the personal care industry for the production of liquid and highly viscous products such as face and body lotions, ointments, creams and emollients.

There are two key considerations to address when manufacturing creams and lotions: the safety of the ingredients involved and the risk of bacterial contamination. GEA’s process engineers are experts at dealing with these issues; our technologies and know-how can help you to reduce the risk of introducing bacterial contamination when producing emollients and moisturizers, for example, whilst also maintaining product safety.

GEA can provide a comprehensive range of processing components that match the requirements of each single customer. Our product selection includes, among others:

  • tanks
  • mixers
  • hygienic valves
  • hygienic pumps
  • product recovery systems
  • measurement technology
  • CIP systems.

Furthermore, to ensure consistent and high quality production, throughout the manufacturing process, we offer control systems as total concepts. As such, we take care of every project phase and, as well as a thorough working knowledge of the hardware and different types of software, our automation engineers have vast experience in, and a good understanding of, process plants for the personal care industry. As a combined engineering and execution partner, our supply ranges from detailed engineering to installation, test and commissioning as well as training and after sales service.

Our know-how comprises the following areas:

  • reception and storage of raw materials
  • distribution and dosing of raw materials
  • mixing technology with buffer tanks
  • homogenization
  • product storage in bulk tanks
  • transfer lines to tanks and filling lines
  • distribution of utilities such as water, air and steam.

GEA can call upon its years of experience in handling difficult applications — such as those involving hazardous, flammable, sticky, hygroscopic or viscous products — to find the right solutions for your specific application with the minimum of bespoke development, keeping costs under control and achieving the fastest possible time to market.