Cleaning and Sterilisation Solutions for Personal Care Applications

Clean-in-Place (CIP) and Sterilize-in-Place (SIP) systems are an essential part of high quality personal care production.

Additionally, a well-designed CIP/SIP system will enable you to clean and/or disinfect one part of a plant while other areas continue to manufacture product. Furthermore, a modern CIP/SIP system will not only save money in terms of higher plant usage, it will also result in significant savings in CIP materials (by recycling cleaning solutions), water (the system is designed to use the optimum quantity of water) and work hours.

CIP/SIP covers a variety of areas but its main purpose is to remove solids and bacteria from tanks, vessels and pipework in which processing must take place in a hygienic or aseptic environment. Hygiene is paramount during personal care production processes; yet, reducing water consumption and limiting effluent discharge are also key priorities for manufacturers. Today’s plants must satisfy the highest hygienic design standards to avoid product degradation and contamination during plant operation.

GEA can help manufacturers to meet this growing demand for better water management during production. For example, where effective and correct cleaning is essential before SIP, GEA’s CIP technology offers significant advantages to manufacturing facilities using precisely constructed flow paths that are free from dead space. This ensures consistent, efficient and reliable cleaning of process equipment and minimized production downtime.

GEA cleaning technology provides a range of top level cleaning heads and ancillary equipment for most hygienic and sterile applications in personal care market. Although the range is extensive, GEA will help you to developing tailored solutions that meet your specific process needs. 

Efficient cleaning helps to reduce downtime, waste disposal costs, and water and detergent consumption. For example, GEA’s tank, vessel and container cleaning technology can help you to make an important contribution to protecting the environment as well as saving on investment costs.