Spray Drying of Powder Detergents

Domestic cleaning products vary in their chemical formulation, the way the product can be dried and the required end-product characteristics. GEA has significant expertise in the spray drying of home and personal care products such as powder detergents. Spray drying is recommended when a low bulk density powder detergent is required.

Process Intensification Solutions

When selecting a spray drying plant configuration, it is important to know the end-product requirements. Is the goal a regular bulk product, or is it a specialty chemical that should be agglomerated, granulated and dust-free?

The feed material for these products varies significantly, owing to differences in their chemical and physical nature Is it a paste, slurry, suspension or solution? Is it soluble in water or an organic solvent? Whatever your application, our spray dryers can be designed to cope with all of the above.

Your product and your final powder property requirements will determine which type of spray dryer you should select. The GEA range of equipment includes both conventional and more sophisticated multi-stage  spray dryers. With each and every one, we ensure that you will get sufficient production flexibility to meet your requirements for residual moisture content, powder structure, bulk density and other powder properties.

Our product specialists will help you to select and implement the right solution, and the GEA Test Centre is available to conduct feasibility and proof of concept tests to develop the optimum spray drying process for your needs. GEA spray dryers can be designed as

  • plants with highly effective filters and/or scrubbers to ensure the emission of clean exhaust process air
  • semi-closed plants, self-inertized and featuring exhaust air incineration
  • closed cycle solutions with a nitrogen purged process gas circuit.

The product range also includes GEA spray dryers designed for R&D and for small-scale production.

GEA plant is designed to meet the strictest requirements for efficiency and reliability, as well as safety and environmental compliance. And, if you already have a drying plant and you’re looking for information about plant upgrades, fine tuning your process or meeting new market requirements, give us a call to learn what we can offer!