Product Recovery: Home Care

With increasing demands being made on manufacturers of home care items to minimize product losses and further improve wastewater quality, product recovery systems are becoming an essential part of modern production lines.

GEA product recovery systems can help customers to recover 99% of valuable end-products during batch changeover. Our systems are fully compatible with a variety of CIP/SIP processes and are suitable for any application in which valuable, viscous products can be recovered from plant pipework. Effective product recovery increases yield, reduces emissions and aids effective cleaning.

Fully automatic product recovery systems from GEA can be integrated into closed, fixed piped systems. The dimensionally stable and product-compatible pig pushes the product out of the pipe. A small film of residual product is left, which easily be removed by CIP cleaning. In this way, the product left in the pipe at the end of production is almost completely recovered and the burden placed on the wastewater by subsequent cleaning can be drastically reduced.

The advantages of using product recovery systems include

  • reduced loss of valuable products
  • reduced production downtimes
  • reduced consumption of rinse water
  • reduced consumption of cleaning media
  • reduced wastewater load.

Cleaning process lines can be challenging, both to meet the strictest criteria for hygienic design and to recover as much product from the pipes as possible. Yet, the solution to both cleaning and maximum output is a product recovery system. With a range of product applications, including washing and cleaning agents, GEA’s VARICOVER® system can be implemented for use between reception, pre-mix and mixing/process tanks, and between treatment lines, storage tanks and filler lines, etc., optimizing the economic efficiency of your production plant.