Powder and Tablet Fabric Detergent Processing

GEA has a long and established track record of spray drying detergents, surface active agents (surfactants) and other ingredients; we know what it takes to make them in solid form, both in terms of product and plant requirements regarding efficiency, safety and environmental compliance.

Spray Drying and Granulation Solutions

Manufacturing powder detergents involves specific environmental issues that are not present in other areas of the Home & Personal Care industry, such as dust control and volatile organic emissions. Dust present during the delivery and transfer of bulk-powdered detergent (and powdered raw materials) is a potential challenge. Dry or wet abatement systems can be used to filter the dust to acceptable limits, and all emissions must be monitored. 

We can supply a wide range of powder handling and drying solutions that are designed to meet your specific agglomeration, granulation and drying needs, as well as offering detergent tablet compression using high-speed rotary presses and material handling solutions designed specifically to handle fragile products and meet all sanitary conditions.

Spray Dryers and Granulators

Many detergents, surfactants and active ingredient slurries can be dried using GEA technology. The right solution depends on the feedstock and the desired material powder properties, but GEA’s spray dryers with rotary atomizers or nozzles are an excellent choice to produce consistent powder quality.

As many detergents and surface active agents include hazardous ingredients, GEA’s spray drying plants are all designed to meet the strictest standards when it comes to explosion mitigation and emission control systems. Our vast experience within these areas is unequalled and an invaluable aid when it comes to complying with international safety directives such as ATEX, other European safety directives and/or local regulations.

Rotary Tablet Presses

Our detergent tablet presses are designed to compress even the most difficult powders. GEA’s double-sided or double-layer R253 and/or the triple layer R353 rotary tablet press are recommended for the high output, low maintenance compression of detergent tablets. For multilayer tablets, cross-contamination between the different layers must be avoided and different colors must be separated with a clear straight line. Each layer benefits from a separate cyclone-based dust extraction system and the extracted powder can be subsequently recycled.

Optionally, these presses can be equipped with the GEA Continuous Pick-and-Place System for tablet-on-tablet or tablet-in-tablet applications. A tablet take-off system prevents any damage to the tablets and feeds them, as part of a complete line, to a wrapping machine. It’s also possible to dry coat the tablets if required.

Every application and every customer is different. Even though we have a wide range of presses they usually need to be customized for your process. This is a skilled job and one in which our engineers are expert. They will analyze your application, understand your objectives and suggest the most appropriate options. The proposed press type will depend on tablet dimensions, required compression forces, output needs, tablet weight control type and number of layers.