Hygienic Liquid Handling for Home Care Applications

Adhering to the philosophy of hygienic by design, GEA’s home care technologies and systems integration experience come together to provide maximum efficiency, profit and quality for manufacturing companies worldwide.

From components to equipment and complete process lines, GEA offers a wide range of liquid handling solutions for use in home care production plants. And, from basic engineering, through detailed engineering and design, construction, installation and commissioning, we can provide a comprehensive range of advanced processing components that can be readily combined with our standardised modules (which form the basis of our proven systems). 

A fundamental part of GEA’s process solutions is hygienic design: to ensure ease of cleaning, which minimizes the consumption of water, chemicals and energy, and guarantee high product quality. Fast track project implementation for efficient time-to-market is a core competency, both for Greenfield projects and the extension of existing plants, and GEA will often help to consolidate the entire process and act as a main contractor to provide complete processing lines.

Early involvement, balanced expectations and partnership are the primary success criteria for successful project execution — keywords for how GEA works. Whether you need a single component or a complete turnkey plant, GEA has the right technology, the right knowledge and the right experience to meet its customers’ product safety, productivity, profitability and quality needs. 

It also has the skill, expertise and fundamental understanding of the products and processes involved, gained through its long history and unrivalled knowledge, that can make a key difference to any project, large or small. 

GEA’s market-leading technology, across the whole scope of supply, provides a unique synergy that can aid product development, provide fast-tracked design and installation, reduce time to market and create best of breed plants that perform now and well into the future. 

Liquid Handling Equipment

In large, rigid-piped valve matrices, uncontrolled heat expansion can cause pipes and valve housings to deform and impair the production process. GEA’s VARICOMP® Expansion Compensators, specifically designed for hygienic and aseptic process operations, and systems with valve matrices and fixed process pipes, can be used to overcome these thermal stress issues and prevent downtime. VARICOMP® provides a compact, pocket-free and CIP/SIP-compatible solution.

In addition, a variety of dead-leg free process components, matrix piping, control instruments and sensors, CIP/SIP systems and GEA’s VARINLINE® in-line control and measurement technology is also available. GEA also offers the VARITOP® Tank Safety System for the safe and hygienic cleaning of process tanks, and protection against excessive pressure and/or vacuum. Furthermore, GEA is a world-class supplier of centrifugal, self-priming and rotary piston pumps, which ensure high product quality, and use the minimum of energy, water and raw materials, and a range of valves that has an enviable reputation for reliability, efficiency, easy maintenance and low lifecycle cost.