Compression for Home Care Products

GEA is the world's foremost manufacturer of high-speed rotary presses for industrial and highly technical compression applications.

With more than 100 years of experience, GEA has become the expert in designing, manufacturing and servicing the widest available range of rotary presses. Although the pharmaceutical industry is the largest customer for our tableting machines, we have also developed a range of robust, versatile, high-speed industrial rotary presses for a variety of home care applications, such as detergents, salt and swimming pool tablets. 

Our long-standing experience has enabled us to develop a number of special features, solving the typical problems associated with the compression of powders and optimizing all aspects of the production process. And, our ability to combine high compression forces with high output, even for very abrasive powders, is testimony to the expertise we have acquired in industrial applications.

For products such as dishwasher tablets, cookware-cleaning detergents that are formulated in tablet form, GEA’s double-sided or double-layer R253 rotary tablet press, and/or the triple layer R353, provide high output, low maintenance compression. Optionally, these presses can be equipped with the GEA Continuous Pick-and-Place System for tablet-on-tablet or tablet-in-tablet applications. These 20 tonne compression force presses are designed to process even the most difficult powders. A tablet take-off system prevents any damage to the tablets and feeds them, as part of a complete line, to a wrapping machine. 

For multilayer tablets, cross-contamination between the different layers must be avoided and different colors must be separated with a clear straight line. Each layer benefits from a separate cyclone-based dust extraction system and the extracted powder can be subsequently recycled.

When compressing water softening tablets, GEA’s R233 double-sided press provides the highest output for salt tablet production. The corrosion-resistant compression area is completely isolated from the technical compartments. In addition, the lower compartment cooling ventilators have been replaced with heat exchangers to keep the technical compartment salt powder free.

The stainless steel press shell not only protects the operator from moving parts, but also reduces the amount of compression noise. Because the punch holders are equipped with high-pressure heads and guiding rollers, there is no wear and tear on the computer-designed cams or the punch holders themselves. The cycloid drive guarantees a long, trouble-free drive train lifetime and the standalone electrical cabinet contains only high standard components. 

Available features include tool holders for high compression forces, powder flow enhancers and tablet weight and hardness control. For specific applications, improved protection against abrasive wear, environmental conditioning and tooling to make tablets with vertical holes can be supplied.