Optimizing the Production of Household Cleaners

The sales of domestic cleaning products are increasing year by year, so consumers do not have to buy as many products as before, thereby saving them money.

Delivering Innovative Solutions

Consumers demand both value and quality. These factors have put greater pressure on manufacturers to invest in innovation to make their products stand out on busy retail shelves. Consumers have hectic schedules and this has created a demand for efficient cleaning products that leave surfaces clean and require minimal effort to achieve the end result. This includes products that continue to kill germs after application, and surfaces and fixtures that are definitively shiny. GEA’s legacy of innovation in process design adds value to every manufacturer’s new product innovations, enabling them to produce cost-effective solutions for products in the marketplace.

As detergents and cleaners are instrumental to the household cleaning process, there will always be a demand for such products. Despite having to balance a competitive environment, market saturation, the economic crisis, rising production and operational costs and consumer demand for good value, quality products, innovation and dynamic marketing campaigns, the market will continue to grow — albeit in single-digit figures — during the next 5–10 years. 

GEA has access to market-leading technology and, possibly, the most comprehensive reservoir of processing knowledge and experience in the world today. With innovation a key part of GEA culture, improvements in process design, allied with extensive knowledge of products in the market, result in world-class solutions for the manufacture of household cleaners.

However, it is not the technology itself nor the experience and expertise alone that matters, it’s the way in which the whole package comes together to conceive, design, build and run the most advanced hygienic processing plants, modules and solutions for your application: that’s the real GEA magic.