World-Class Plant for Hard Surface Cleaners

As increasing numbers of adult consumers make more of an effort to keep their homes clean and fresh, sales of antibacterial and multipurpose hard surface cleaning products have steadily grown. Manufacturers have responded to the trend by offering an expanding range of high quality, cost-effective and antiseptic solutions to meet the demand for all-purpose and room-specific products that deliver excellent cleaning results, even in heavy duty applications.

Consumer-Driven Market

With most household cleaning tasks being done at least weekly, combined with a greater awareness of the health hazards associated with bacterial, fungi and other micro-organisms, the availability of, and demand for, biocidal and antibacterial cleaning products has increased significantly. Strong growth has been seen in family homes with children, wherein the use of domestic cleaning products is particularly high. And, with family numbers expected to rise during the next few years, further market growth is expected.

Regarding customer loyalty, consumers tend to repeat purchase known brands (often opting for spray-based delivery systems), as opposed to own-label products, but value for money is still a key consideration: as such, multipurpose cleaners have gained in popularity compared with task- or room-specific ones.

Core Competencies

GEA offers a number of exceptional core competencies, differentiating us from the other players in the market:

Your Processing Partner: designed in close dialogue with our customers to provide each customer with a tailored process solution that’s fully fit for purpose 

Fast Track Project Execution: based on GEA’s unique Super Skid Concept, minimizing time to market and maximising return on investment 

Hygienic Process Design and Engineering: ensuring that every single design detail will meet the highest standards in line with EHEDG and the European Union’s Regulation (EC) 1935/2004 regarding the design of material contact

Project Management: proactive and reliable, based on GEA’s well-established Project Management Concept with precise procedures covering all project phases, from the first customer contact to final takeover

Traceability and Quality Assurance: including the checking and documentation of all project activities — such as plant design drawings and component order receipt — at our sites and yours, as well as frequent supplier inspection visits, with and without notice.

As you share your ideas and expectations with us, you’ll quickly notice that GEA is an expert in the execution of world-class processing plants and projects. Whatever your product or application, we have the know-how, expertise and equipment to make it work.