Cleaning and Sterilisation Solutions for Home Care Applications

Designed to automatically clean and/or disinfect an entire line or a single piece of equipment without major disassembly and assembly work, a well-designed Clean-in-Place/Sterilize-in-Place (CIP/SIP) system enables one part of a plant to be treated while other areas continue to manufacture product.

Furthermore, a modern, cost-effective CIP/SIP system will not only save money in terms of higher plant use and productivity, but also as a result of reduced cleaning fluid use, lower utility costs and significant savings in time.

GEA installations are designed to ensure that optimal cleaning is guaranteed. We offer complete CIP and SIP validation protocols for USDA 3A, FDA cGMP and/or ASME BPE installations. And, depending on the existing automation infrastructure and/or the customer preference, a central or decentralized system (or a combination of the two) can be installed and integrated into plant-wide operation.

GEA provides high-performance cleaning and sterilisation concepts that are individually adapted to each client's specific requirements. From mobile or stationary cleaning systems up to CIP satellites fed with conditioned cleaning media from a central unit, a wide range of solutions is available. 

Spray Dryers

By design, GEA spray dryers can be in operation for several weeks whereas evaporators and feed systems require cleaning every 20–21 hours to prevent biological contamination. GEA’s cleaning systems are designed to meet the strictest hygienic requirements and ensure long production times, short downtimes the correct cleaning of all product contacted surfaces and a design that leaves no hollow spaces or sharp corners.

Tablet Compression

With the MODUL™ tablet press Wash-off-Line (WOL) concept, GEA offers a high-containment solution that is economical, ergonomic and easy to use. Thanks to its inherently closed design, the Exchangeable Compression Module (ECM) concept significantly reduces the level of airborne particle concentrations in the tablet compression room, which contributes significantly to the protection of equipment operators and supervisors.

For product changeover and/or cleaning, the ECM and powder infeed can be removed from the press in a completely contained way. A second ECM, powder infeed and tablet container can then be introduced, which allows the press to resume production of another formulation in less than 2 hours.

Contained Cleaning

A full range of washing solutions is available for the contained cleaning of active charge vessels, containers and IBCs. In addition, mobile CIP units offer an alternative solution for use at key stages within the process. We also offer wash solution preparation systems and process control solutions to allow full validation of the washing system.

cGMP Standard Single-Use CIP/WIP System

GEA’s CIP/WIP System Skids for Wash-in-Place applications are completely designed, engineered, fabricated, automated and tested in-house for full CIP integration. The variables of temperature, velocity/pressure, chemical concentration and exposure time are precisely controlled, by the skid, which can be configured for a variety of parameters to deliver reliable, repeatable and verifiable results. GEA can assist you with integration techniques, ranging from conventional "make/break" manual flow-panel methodology to the latest in matrix piping technology that utilizes mix-proof valve systems.