Swimming Pool Tablets (Chlorine)

Chlorine tablets, formed by pressing a mixture of calcium hypochlorite and lime chloride together, with a small amount of zinc stearate as a tableting lubricant, can be used to combat the bacterial and algal contamination of swimming pools and the like.

Blending and Compression Expertise

The health and safety, environmental benefits and stability of chlorine tablets, when compared with liquid bleach, are well documented and go some way to explain the tremendous increase in the use of chlorine tablets.


We have the capacity to blend high volumes of different powders/granules to your exact formulation, from 1 kilo up to 1000 tonnes. 


We can advise on formulation, tableting applications (size, weight, shape), cost implications, quality control and downstream processing. Depending on the required tablet size (up to 70 mm diameter) and compression force (up to 40 tonnes), GEA offers a range of machines designed to meet your specific application requirements.


Our standard tooling provides a wide variety of size/weight combinations as well as a variety of tablet appearance options (flat faced, beveled edged, etc.). Tooling from third party suppliers can also be acquired and implemented.

Key Features

GEA’s longstanding experience has enabled us to develop a number of special features, solving the typical problems associated with the compression of powders and optimizing all aspects of the production process:

  • tool holders for high compression forces
  • air compensators
  • improved powder flow
  • preventing abrasive wear
  • ejection perfection
  • tablet weight and hardness control
  • environment conditioning
  • tablets with vertical holes.

From the first contact to the installation and after-sales service, a qualified team of professionals will take care of your project. Our mission is to offer you a press to your specifications, resulting in the lowest total cost of ownership.