Dishwasher Tablets

Dishwasher tablets are cookware-cleaning detergents that are formulated in tablet form and used in domestic and industrial machines in short- and long-cycle cleaning programmes.

High Output Tableting Solutions

They provide excellent cleaning performance and effectively remove fats, starch and proteins from different types of cooking and serving items by formulating chemical components and enzymes that interact with soil residues, resulting in easy removal of these residues. Low and no-suds versions inhibit the formation of foam by protein-containing foods (such as eggs and milk), help to soften water, which prevents insoluble deposits, loosens and holds soil in suspension and leaves the items clean and grease-free. Polymer components within dishwasher tablets can be used to rinse and dry dishes and utensils without spots, and have found to be extremely effective and safe for a variety of dishes, glassware, utensils and more.

The products used in dishwashers are usually powder-based and contain builders (30-50%), a non-ionic surfactant (1–5%), rinse aid polymers, bleach agents with an activator and enzymes. They are formulated with sodium carbonate and sodium silicate to create a very alkaline environment that helps to denature the fats and proteins left on the used dishes and utensils.

GEA’s double-sided or double-layer R253 and/or the triple layer R353 rotary tablet press are the best options for the high output, low maintenance compression of detergent tablets. For multilayer tablets, cross-contamination between the different layers must be avoided and different colors must be separated with a clear straight line. Each layer benefits from a separate cyclone-based dust extraction system and the extracted powder can be subsequently recycled.

Optionally, these presses can be equipped with the GEA Continuous Pick-and-Place System for tablet-on-tablet or tablet-in-tablet applications. These 20 tonne compression force presses are designed to compress the most difficult powders. A tablet take-off system prevents any damage to the tablets and feeds them, as part of a complete line, to a wrapping machine. 

Key features relevant to this application 

  • tool holders for high compression forces
  • powder flow enhancers
  • improved protection against abrasive wear
  • tablet take-off
  • tablet weight and hardness control
  • tablets with vertical holes.