Barn Concepts To Optimize Milk Production

Any factor that affects animal drinking, feeding and rest can affect milk production, and must be taken into consideration when designing a barn concept. The environment should ensure that feeding and drinking can take place in a calm and orderly manner and, to ensure top-quality milk production, animals should have the opportunity for long rest periods in a lying position. Adequate rest will impact positively on problem-free feeding while standing. The ability to easily separate individual animals for checks or treatment after milking is also a key aspect of animal welfare.

Optimal feeding

It is particularly important that animals have easy access to a source of fresh, high-quality drinking water, along with access to the correct quantity of clean, high quality feed. Both of these factors are directly linked to the concept of an optimized barn concept. 

Installing an automated feeding system from GEA will equip your stalls with every advantage. Our products enable optimized feed mixing, weighing and distribution, whilst reducing hands-on time and costs.