Melt crystallization for specialty chemicals

GEA's melt crystallization process is the key for producing high purity chemicals

High purity in one step


The chemical industry is very much concerned with the separation and purification of chemical compounds. Impurities generally represent wasted product and cause undesirable variations to the final product quality. Specific impurities can damage catalysts and lead to failure of downstream processes.

Distillation is the industry standard for most chemical separations. It has matured into a reliable unit operation that is widely used when conditions allow the stage-wise contacting of multi-component liquid and vapor. Melt crystallization is an economic and efficient alternative. It is typically used in purification applications where distillation becomes difficult:

— Isomers with close boiling points
— Azeotropic systems
— Temperature sensitive substances
— Components that tend to polymerize
— Explosive substances

The typical eutectic system can form pure crystals of a product. This high selectivity is not possible with any other separation technique. The crystallization process is not only applicable for new grass root plants, but ideally suited to upgrade capacity and purity of existing concentration processes such as distillation or adsorption. Small changes to existing units can significantly increase throughput by relaxing the product purity requirement of an existing process. The hybrid process completes the final purification using our proprietary crystallization process. For such debottlenecking projects GEA is your partner for:

—Increased production, recovery and product purity
— Conversion from batch to continuous operation
— Plant review and feasibility analysis
— Solid-Liquid separation on existing crystallization units