Distillation & Rectification for Specialty & Fine Chemicals

Distillation technologies for a large variety of diverse demands.


Distillation being a very versatile tool, is used in a variety of niche applications.

Specific requirements are to be expected. The demand can come from any operation requiring the use of solvents such as:

  • Recovery of precipitants (e.g. isopropanol or ethanol) from the production of organic thickeners
  • Recovery of solvents (e.g. NMP or DMAc) during the manufacture of membranes
  • Purification of thermal oil at solar thermal power plants

We have experience in high purity distillation in the range of 10 mbar up to 10 bar and 400 °C.  

Besides process simulation programs and our excellent engineers,  we are supported by the very close located  Distillation & Fermentation Test facilities at Karlsruhe R&D Center, one of the most elaborate pilot testing plants in Europe.