Multi stage Vacuum Generation for Polymers

Main chemical compound for the production of polyester: pure terephthalate acid (PTA) and ethylene glycol (EG).


The low molecular esterification product is converted into a high molecular polymer. The length increase by 100 times the original size.

This is achieved in a reactor at 280 °C and vacuum below 1 mbar.

During the reaction ethylene glycol shall be extract from the reactor by a vacuum system.

The process for making polyester yarn as raw materials for textile industry requires an extremely high vacuum on the polymerization reactor. 

GEA supplied in the past years more then 80 vacuum systems.  (the first units were driven by water vapor, since 20 years with EG vapor).

The technology  with EG vapor  differentiate to the technology with water vapor due to a friendly impact with the environmental . EG vapor is recycled inside the process and there is no contamination with water. Further more it operate at atmospheric pressure which make it simple and save.