Laboratory- and Industrial-Scale Homogenizers for Polymers

High pressure homogenization is a process that is used in polymer production, and in particular in emulsion polymerization, a process that involves water, monomer and surfactant.

Homogenizer technology

GEA’s small and compact laboratory homogenizers are ideal for testing the effects of homogenization on different products, and for evaluating process parameters. Designed for continuous operation, they provide high performance at pressures of up to 2000 bar, and can operate down to sample volumes of 0.9 litres per hour, with a resulting product quality that is guaranteed to be equal to that generated by industrial homogenizers.

Our industrial homogenizers are capable of generating dispersed particles down to nanometer size, and we offer a wide range of valves that are suited to different levels of flow and pressure. GEA also offers customized homogenizers that can be tailored to each client’s requirements.