Industrial Drying Systems for Polymers

GEA is one of the world’s most experienced companies in the field of polymer drying technology. We have a long track record of installing industrial drying plants for polymers, from bulk polymers and resins to advanced engineered plastics.

Complete competence

Our portfolio includes fluid bed dryers, spray dryers and flash dryers, and our drying systems are designed to meet the exact requirements for each product, whether the feedstock is a wet powder, an emulsion or a solution. We have expertise covering a wide range of polymers and intermediates, including:

   s-PVC, c-PVC, ABS, MBS, HDPE, PP, PAN, c-PE, POM and PVA 
•   e-PVC, EVA, UF, MF, PF, PMMA, PVAc, PVP and Acrylic resins 
•   Polyester, Nylon, PET, PS and ePS

In combination with an in depth knowledge of chemical engineering and polymers, GEA’s expertise in technology, process design and engineering makes us an idea partner for the design, testing and implementation of polymer drying systems and plants. Our process specialists are available for both test work and process development, and our global project management skills will see your project smoothly through from inception to completion, on time, and ensure that it meets all KPIs. All of our drying systems comply with international safety directives, and meet the most stringent standards for explosion and emission risk control.

GEA’s systems are in addition designed to maximize efficiency, reduce energy consumption and minimize down time, which reduces customer’s overall production costs.