Technology for the Efficient Separation of Liquids

GEA is a world leader in the field of mechanical separation, and we offer solutions for the efficient processing of liquids and liquid mixtures, to the food, chemicals, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, petrochemicals, energy, shipping and environmental industries.

The petrochemicals industry employs many complex processes to generate a huge range of products from petroleum. A frequent task within these processes is the mechanical separation of substances and phases. GEA separators are used in the petrochemicals sector for applications including clarification, polishing, and separation, while our decanters are used for clarification and dewatering.

GEA’s centrifugal separators and decanters support the petrochemicals industry in diverse applications. Our vertical bowl, high-speed centrifuge separators can run at up to 10,000 G, and are primarily used for the clarification and separation of liquids with and without solids content. GEA decanters are ideally suited to processing suspensions in which there is up to 60% solids content. The decanters are commonly used upstream of a separator to achieve high clarification efficiencies and maximum dewatering. Decanters are also used for the separation of liquids with simultaneous removal of solids.