Process Exhaust Gas Cleaning for Petrochemicals

There are several methods available for treating volatile organic compounds (VOC) in exhaust gas treatment systems, and selecting the optimum method will depend on the volume of the gas, the type and concentration of VOC, and the available utilities (gas, electricity, water, etc.), and space.

Exhausted organic compounds are usually treated using one or more stages of wet physical absorption scrubbers, and by quenching.  GEA can provide quench towers in which liquid is sprayed countercurrent to the gas flow, to rapidly cool the gas.

GEA’s scrubber technology for cleaning organic compounds in exhaust gases is particularly suitable for eliminating carboxylic acids, aromatic compounds, aldehydes, ketones and amines. We offer a portfolio of scrubber technology and equipment, from compact gas scrubbers, laboratory gas scrubbers and emergency gas scrubbers, to jet scrubber towers and Venturi scrubbers. We can combine our technologies and systems to provide the optimal solution for individual requirements, and design tailored solutions, including customized multi-stage gas scrubber systems.

GEA’s R&D and test center operates state-of-the-art pilot plants and test benches, to evaluate gas scrubbing technology and systems for specific applications.