Flexible Energy-Efficient Evaporation Solutions

Evaporation is an essential step in many industrial processes that need to achieve product concentration or volume reduction. Evaporation plays a key role in the minerals and inorganic chemicals industry, where it is used both for the extraction of resources and for the recovery and processing of valuable by-products.

Choosing the right evaporation technology

Nickel factory

The evaporation process may be employed as a stand-alone operation, but in many cases it represents an important upstream step in the drying and crystallization operation, where the resulting concentrate, which is still in a liquid form, is further processed.

An understanding of the heat sensibility, stability and viscosity of the product is needed before it is possible to determine the level of evaporation that is attainable. GEA can satisfy a wide spectrum of process requirements by proposing different thermal configurations and offering a wide choice of evaporation technologies, including falling film, forced circulation, plate-type, and compact evaporators. We also design smart solutions to clean vapor or recover gas distilling from evaporated liquor.

Design for optimum performance and long life

Because an evaporation step can represent a major portion of capital expenditure, GEA works with each client to provide customized and cost-effective evaporation solutions, constructed from the most suitable materials, such as carbon steel, stainless and duplex steel, high nickel alloys, nickel, titanium, graphite fiberglass and reinforced plastic, which are corrosion resistant. We will tailor each plant to the client’s requirements, and in parallel aim to minimize the initial investment and operating costs. GEA evaporation plants are all designed to maximize the energy produced during the process.

GEA already has a proven track record in the evaporation of spent liquor, lithium chloride, and caustic soda.