Engineering for the chemical world

The chemical industry makes many thousands of essential products from the earth’s raw materials. GEA supplies world-class precision engineering that the industry needs to develop new products and control costs, while complying with strict legislation and new environmental rules on emissions and treating waste water.

Innovation and Service

We are a leading supplier of complete lines and unit operations to the chemical industry. Our scope covers an extensive portfolio of products and processes to produce a wide range of bulk and specialty chemicals by using the following key technologies:

  • Mechanical and thermal separation
  • Melt & Solution Crystallization
  • Drying & Particle Processing
  • Exhaust gas cleaning

Innovation and service is at the heart of our engineering expertise, helping to make production processes run smoothly and safely. Through our test centers we support our customers in developing the products of the future.

GEA technology also plays a key role in treating effluents, recovering by-products, increasing yield, controlling emissions and helping the industry to be more energy-efficient.