Technology for the efficient separation of liquids

GEA is the leading company in the world in the field of mechanical separation. We provide technology solutions for the food, chemistry, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, energy, shipping and environmental industries, providing equipment for the efficient processing of liquids and liquid mixtures and ensuring considerable added value for the end product.

GEA separators and decanters play an important role in the secure downstream processing of biochemical products. A wide variety of the machines allows customers a great flexibility. Special design figures are available to let one machine covers products with a broad range of solids content.  For new products, development projects, our Central Process Engineering facility is available for complex trials under strictly confidential conditions.

GEA separators and decanter combine the top mechanical separating technology with the comprehensive understanding for the security of investments, products and processes.

GEA separators for biochemicals are suitable for

  • clarification
  • extraction
  • polishing 
  • separation
  • washing

The systems convince our partners worldwide with the high quality of the end products, cost-effectiveness, a conservative approach to resource handling and, last but not least, with maximum safety for people, machine and environment.