Versatility for Industrial Biotechnology

Cross-flow membrane filtration is the most versatile separation technology in biochemical production and fermentation processes. GEA’s technologies, expertise and experience mean that we can design and select the optimum solution for every separation task.

Cross-flow membrane filtration is widely used in many applications and process steps, such as:

  • Biomass separation
  • Product isolation & purification
  • De-colorization
  • Salt removal 
  • Pre-concentration  

Another important application for the technology is in recovery and purification from ion-exchange or chromatography eluates.

Membrane types

Cross-flow membranes are defined by membrane material, module type and cut-off.

Membrane cut-off Membrane material Membrane type
Microfiltration Polymeric Hollow-fibre
Ultrafiltration Ceramic Spiral-wound
Nanofiltration Stainless steel Plate & frame
Reverse osmosis Tubular

In the biochemicals sector, typical configurations might include:

  • Ceramic micro filtration for biomass separation 
  • Polymeric spiral wound, ultra- and nano filtration for isolation and purification: 
  • Reverse osmosis, spiral wound for pre-concentration: 

Process development and scale up

As the chemicals sector focuses increasingly on biochemistry and less on traditional chemistry, innovative processes are being developed for generating exciting new products.

Specialists at GEA’s development centers have the experience, know-how and expertise to support customers in their process development. We can design and implemente filtration units that use optimum cross-flow filtration technology, from pilot scale right up to full commercial production.