Fine-Tuning for Fermentation

Fermentation is a process by which yeast and some bacteria convert sugars to compounds such as alcohols and acids. The process is exploited by the bio-industry and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the beverage and food industries.

Complete control

Fermentation can be either aerobic or anaerobic. Examples of products that are generated by aerobic fermentation include antibiotics, enzymes, vitamins, vinegar and amino acids. Examples of anaerobic fermentation products include alcohol, acetone and biogas (methane).

GEA has detailed expertise in all the processes involved in fermentation, and can provide equipment for a range of industries working with fermentation. Our complete solutions are tailored to individual requirements, including the installation of entire factory sections to fit up-stream or down-stream of the fermentation process.

Fermentation involves transferring a sterile nutrient medium to a sterile fermentation tank, and then inoculating the nutrient medium with a preculture of the microorganism. Fermentation is a sensitive process, and the environment within the fermentation tank must be kept under optimal conditions. It is crucial to maintain 100% control over parameters such as pH, temperature, pressure and time, and hygiene.

With GEA as your technology partner you can be confident of maintaining control over your fermentation process conditions, to ensure an optimum yield and product quality.