Drying Technologies to Add Value to Products & Co-Products

GEA understands the value of your products, and the importance of ensuring continuous operation and meeting product quality requirements.

Quality assured

GEA offers efficient and flexible drying and particle processing solutions for customers in the industrial (or white) biotech sector. White biotech products and co-products are often heat-sensitive, and our drying systems, combined with our expertise, represent the ideal solution for your applications, offering environmental sustainability and economic benefits.

 Our technologies include:

   Spray dryers for soluble feeds.

   Flash and ring dryers for wet solids feeds that need short residence times or selective recycling.

   Fluid bed and rotary dryers for larger particle sizes that require extended residence time, but without compromising on control or product quality,

GEA works with its customers to develop and implement solutions for specific requirements. We will partner with you every step of the way, from process testing and design, to the start-up and operation of your plant. Our comprehensive after sales program will also ensures that your return on investment is optimized throughout the lifetime of the plant.