Technology for the efficient separation of liquids

GEA is the leading company in the world in the field of mechanical separation. We provide technology for the efficient processing of liquids and liquid mixtures and ensuring considerable added value for the end product.

Our separators and decanters for the agrochemical industry combine the top mechanical separating technology with the comprehensive understanding for the security of investments, products and processes. This results not only in high yields of the employed raw materials; but also in reliable process management which makes efficient use of resources and thus also in the protection of people and environment.

GEA has been supporting the chemical industry for decades in diverse separating duties. The separation work with centrifugal separators and decanters.

GEA separators for agrochemicals are suitable for

  • liquid-solid clarification
  • 3-phase separation

while GEA decanters are used for

  • liquid-solid clarification
  • dewatering

The machines convince our partners worldwide with the high quality of the end products, cost-effectiveness, a conservative approach to resource handling and, last but not least, with maximum safety for people, machine and environment.