Complying with the Most Stringent Requirements for Drying and Powder Quality

A drying plant from GEA complies with the highest standards of plant efficiency, safety and environmental compliance, and the most stringent requirements for powder quality, including particle size and distribution, bulk density and morphology.

Solutions for agrochemicals

Flash Dryer product 2

GEA’s portfolio of drying solutions for the agrochemicals industry includes stand-alone drying units and tailored systems for specific applications. The product range includes:

  • Contact column coolers
  • Fluid bed dryers and coolers
  • Ring dryers
  • Rotary dryers and coolers
  • Spray dryers

GEA works with many of the world’s leading agrochemicals producers, and we have vast experience in drying agrochemicals. With expertise in areas including fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides and insecticides, we understand the requirements for products with free-flowing properties, and characteristics such as powder granulometry, low dust and redispersion.

Attention to all aspects of the project

Our combined expertise in chemical engineering, technology, engineering and process design, makes us a highly competent partner. GEA’s test engineers at our extensive test facilities are available for both process development and test work. Because many chemical compounds are hazardous, all our plants are designed to meet the strictest efficiency, emissions and safety, and environmental standards.

Comprehensive project management expertise means that will oversee a project, from plant inception and design, to the drying plant come on stream, according to schedule. Our attention to all aspects of the project will ensure the alignment of all stakeholders, and will help to avoid expensive mistakes and delays. A comprehensive service and plant upgrade program is also available to guarantee plant performance and longevity.