GEA TecLight

A new and robust LED lighting system for industrial freezers

As the food processing industry expands and a stronger focus is placed on higher quality end-products, suppliers of freezing technology are constantly innovating and creating novel solutions that optimize both food safety and shelf life.

Effective lighting inside industrial freezers plays a key role in ensuring safe access into the machines for cleaning and maintenance. However, dealing with –40 °C air temperatures during production, up to +70 °C heat during cleaning and rapid temperature fluctuations between those extremes can impose harsh operating conditions on the lights inside the freezer enclosure.

Keeping it clean … and safe

Many cleaning detergents contain aggressive chemicals, which can also affect the integrity of the lights’ casing. Plus, the expansion and contraction of internal components within the light fitting owing to temperature variations and chemicals can promote both water ingress and cause the light cover to crack.

This subsequently results in operational failure and a temporary hazard regarding access to the freezer until a replacement part can be fitted. More critically, parts of the lights could actually burst inside the freezer and contaminate the food products.

As such, although freezer lighting could be seen as a relatively simple or minor item, it is in fact a serious concern for food processors. The potential impact on both food and human safety in the event of failure should not be overlooked.

The GEA advantage

For years, GEA has been searching for and testing commercially available lights that were reportedly resistant to freezing conditions. Finding none that were able to fully meet our stringent requirements, we decided to develop our own and produce a robust, reliable, safe and long-lasting solution.

GEA TecLight

GEA TecLight is a one-piece molded light that eliminates water ingress and offers a perfect draining surface. It’s resistant to both low and high temperatures and the rapid changes that occur during freezing and cleaning modes. It is also proven to be resistant to aggressive detergents.

GEA TecLight is the result of comprehensive in-house research and rigorous testing in a variety of extreme conditions to prove the unique performance of our new light design and construction.

Available with UL and CE certification, it meets the highest hygiene and safety standards in the industry and contributes to greater food safety in your industrial freezing plant.  

Key benefits

Heavy duty, hygienic and maintenance free, the GEA TecLight LED lighting system offers a wide array of operational advantages, including the following:

• Resistant to thermal shock
• Large temperature range –40 °F/-40 °C to +160 °F/+70 °C
• Resistant to detergents
• One-piece resin molded
• Perfect draining surface
• No cable gland
• Long-lasting LED lights
• No water ingress
• No wire connection inside the freezer

GEA TecLight – new lighting for industrial freezers