Destillation & Fermentationssysteme

Prozesslösungen für die Gärung


Fermentation is a process by which yeast and some bacteria convert sugars to compounds such as alcohols and acids. The process is exploited by the bio-industry and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the beverage and food industries.

GEA fermentation systems are custom designed for the cultivation of microbial, yeast and fungal products. These processes are typically very dynamic; they have shorter run times because of faster cell doubling times and higher oxygen uptake requirements (OUR), translating into higher airflow and agitation requirements. Consequently, these types of micro-organisms grow to higher cell densities and require better temperature control as a result of the heat generated from higher respiration rates.

GEA has been developing and building fermentation systems for the cultivation of micro-organisms, human or animal cells for more than 20 years. Whether for individual fermenters or multi-stage fermentation systems, manufacturers repeatedly put their trust in GEA's efficient, customized plant.

Irrespective of whether your application is aerobic, anaerobic, biotechnological or a food maturation process to improve ingredient quality, GEA has the experience and process know-how to offer complete fermentation solutions that meet your specific needs.

Whatever it is you want from your fermentation plant, we have the equipment you need to meet any requirements or conditions. We use the latest components and valve technologies to produce high-performance fermenters and skids. In addition, we also supply apparatus and modules for the production and storage of media, product harvesting, the storage and distribution of highly purified media/clean steam and the formulation of APIs.

Offering a complete service to meet your every requirement and specification, our experienced process engineers will work with you to develop innovative and efficient process technologies for your specific fermentation applications.

GEA fermenters provide you with:

  • long-term sterility during medium or nutrient change, aseptic sampling, aeration, venting or transfer.
  • highly accurate temperature control.
  • stirrers adapted to provide optimum oxygen transfer rates and cell densities.
  • dead-leg free design.

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