GEA is reaching new horizons with several state-of-the-art projects in the oil & gas market. Expanded and strong global presence of GEA in this industry secured larger orders in the double digit million Euro range in total in Oman, Pakistan and the United States. Received in 2016, the orders will be realized until 2018.

A mega project in Oman is for a process refrigeration system, including a chiller unit for hydrocarbon dew point control and a water-chiller package. This plant is the largest in the Middle East that utilizes oil-injected screw compressors.

The second project in Pakistan is GEA’s first in that country in the oil & gas market. It features three fuel-gas booster centrifugal compressor packages and a complete gas treatment station. The 747 megawatt gas-fired power station is designed to mitigate the chronic power shortages in the area.

Furthermore, GEA supplies processing units for major shale gas areas in the southwestern of the United States for a leading processor of natural gas. This customer processes more than 14 billion SCF (standard cubic feet) of natural gas per day. These units, comprising 15 custom-engineered propane refrigeration compressor packages, will be used in cryogenic natural gas processing facilities. Thirteen (13) of the units feature model 1210 GL GEA screw compressors; two of the units feature GEA model 675GL screw compressors. These GEA compressor packages are used in a “midstream” application, as opposed to an “upstream” or “downstream” application. One of the primary functions of these natural gas facilities is to remove ethane, propane, butane and other high-value constituents from the gas stream. These products, once separated, each become sellable raw materials used in downstream applications such as plastics, chemicals, fuels and aerosols. GEA also supplies solutions for the upstream and downstream phases of the process.

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