Meat replacement & vegetarian food

Partnering for success in a growing market

How can the food processors gain from the rising demand of plant-based alternatives to meat? With GEA you can find the right technology partner. We closely work with customers to develop and co-develop their food ideas and then realize them in a variety of meat-replacement and vegetable-based products, which can be based on various sources, from Texturized vegetable protein to pure vegetable based.

Riding the alt-meat wave

Weather it is for an ethical, environmental or healthy reason, today’s consumers eating styles are shifting towards a more meat-less diet. Mainstream consumers make ‘flexitarian’ efforts to reduce their meat consumption and try out new meat-alternatives, while the vegetarians and vegans-by-conviction grow. This shift brings both challenges and opportunities for food manufacturers on how to source ingredients, create new concepts, innovate existing processes and scale-up production in this moving market.

GEA prides in more than 25 years successful record in technology solutions in the preparation, forming, coating, cooking and packaging of meat-analogue, meat-alternative and vegetable-based meal components, suitable for the retail, foodservice and quick-service-restaurants markets. This makes us a learned, global partner you can rely on.

Meat replacement and plant based applications

We begin by getting a complete picture and understanding of what food manufacturers want to achieve. Once the product is defined, we work backwards starting with the desired end-result, then identify the right processes and equipment for creating a technology solution that is both optimized and capable of producing a consistent, a high-quality product.

Get to learn some of the products we can help you create with our food processing technology and know-how. They can be based on various sources:

  • Frozen vegetables or vegetable-based mixes
  • Texturized vegetable protein (TVP)
  • Soya or wheat-based protein
  • Single-cell protein (e.g., mycoprotein)
  • Other plant-based protein

Produkte & Technologien

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